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Walts party Designs

Terms and Conditions

Definitions by Law
By Owner, we mean the Owner, Walts Party Designs, will thus be referred to as 'The Owner'
We' 'Us' and 'Our' means the supplier of goods.
'You' or 'Your' means the hirer of goods
'Goods means all goods hired by us to you
Payment of your deposit and signature on your booking form, is deemed as you having read, understood and accepted our terms and conditions.
All bookings are between the hirer and the owner
The hirer is the person named on the booking form and who has also agreed to all the terms and conditions.

1: All hired goods remains the property of The Owner.

2: During the period of hire, The Hirer shall be solely responsible for the Hired Goods and insuring the Goods for theft or damage.

3: The Owner shall not be responsible for any injury, death or damage to property how so ever sustained arising from our Goods under hire.

4: The contract from the hire of goods is between The Owner and The Hirer. It is the Hirers responsibility to ensue that the venue is clearly instructed so that the terms and conditions are met.

5: The Owner will charge the Hirer for any costs due to terms and conditions being broken. It is then the responsibility of the Hirer to reclaim any of these costs from the venue if the venue was at fault.

6: A deposit is required for all hired Goods, this is held until the return of hired items to The Owner.

7: Shortages and damages to hired goods will be charged at the full replacement cost. No substitute item will be accepted by The Owner.

8: The Owner will inform The Hirer within 7 days of any damages or missing items concerning any of the hired Goods. An invoice will be sent outlining the amount of damage and costs.

9: Collection of Goods will be made by The Owner at the morning after an event unless prior agreement has been made.

10: Charges will be made for any damaged Goods including Goods that have been dragged on the floor, ground in earth stains, burns, holes, rips and tears, candle wax, grease, mold, mildew, deep staining or broken. This list is not exhaustive and charges will be made for any permanently
damaged or stained Goods.

11: If goods are not returned at the end of the agreed hire period The Owner has the right to charge for the cost of replacement Goods.

12: Cancellation will result in the forfeit of the deposit and any monies paid. Cancellation within four weeks prior to the event will incur a loss of 100% of the full amount. In exceptional circumstance The Owner can allow the deposit to be transferred to another date with the same decoration. Transferable deposits are at the Owners discretion.

13: Any unpaid cancellation charges after 30 days of invoice will be passed to a collections agency who will act on behalf of The Owner. Further charges will be added to your amount payable.

14: We cannot be held responsible for adverse weather conditions, where the event is cancelled due to bad weather on the day of the event the full amount payable is still due.

15: We reserve the right to make changes to any Goods in the interests of The Hirer due to adverse weather conditions

16: Where a booking is made near to the event the contract will be emailed to the hirer prior to payment. Payment of goods or services will mean the hirer accepts the terms and conditions as listed.

​17: We reserve the right to cancel your booking if payment is not received when due this applies to deposits and final payments prior to the event.

18: A non refundable deposit is due when agreement has been made by both parties for the booking. The deposit allows The Owner to keep the date free for your event.

19: The full balance must be paid 14 days prior to the event. Payments can be made by debit / credit card, bank transfer for cash.  Please note we do not accept cheque as form of payment.

20. Liquid spillages on any of our equiptment can occasionally result in component failure. The hirer is liable for any damage caused and replacement costs.

21. Our stocks whilst comprehensive, can be exhausted at peak times. We work strictly on a first come first served basis so please book early. Last minute bookings may restrict the services we can offer you. 

22. Bookings must be secured with a 50% non-refundable deposit at time of booking to secure the event date. The deposit amount will be deducted from your final balance which will be due no later than 30 days prior to your event date. Failure to do so could result in the loss of your deposit & cancellation of your booking without notice. It is the responsibility of the customer to pay on time. Bookings made less than 30 days before the event require full settlement immediately. If booking is less than £75 full payment will be required at time of booking.

23. Once a booking deposit/full balance where necessary, has been received, then your booking is confirmed. (subject to signed terms and conditions). 

24. Confirmation of your booking will be sent to you to confirm full payment & order details, please keep this as your proof of payment and booking. 

25. Once North Devon Party Celebrations have left your venue, we are no longer responsible for damage/bursts loss of any kind. 

26. Please be aware heat, cold and static could reduce float times or even burst your balloons. 

27. Where services are collected from Walt's Party Designs you are not covered for damages once it has left our premises. Should balloons be damaged after this time, no refund will be given. Where venue staff have moved/re-arranged decor and damage occurs, we are not liable, responsibility stays with the Named 'hirer/client' on your agreement. It is entirely up to the 'hirer/client' to seek any recompense direct with their venue contact or any third parties that may have been in contact with hire services equipment or direct purchase services. 

28. For occasions that balloon weights are hired from Walt's Party Designs, they must be returned to us within 4 days of the event. Any damaged/lost or unreturned weights will in occur a charge of £3.50 per weight. 

29. Latex balloons are only guaranteed to float for 10 hours. After this time they will deflate slowly. 

Cancellations – All deposits are non-refundable.  Balances are payable 30 days before your party.  If any event is cancelled 2 weeks before it is due to take place all funds are due to be payable and no refunds will be due.  

Health & Safety - At no time should helium be inhaled it is an asphyxiant.  Walt's Party Designs accepts no responsibility for any guests, party members, the customer, hotel or venue staff who may inhale helium and who may experience breathing difficulties through the inhalation of helium or any other effects.  The balloon décor will be positioned in such a manner as to cause the least amount of disruption and in the best possible area for health and safety reasons.  Walt's Party Designs accepts no responsibility for any accidents caused by the customer, guests, party members, hotel or venue staff or members of the public at your function moving, hitting or interfering with the balloon décor.  Walt's Party Designs sometimes use water weights to weigh down our columns, balloon centerpieces and other weights.  The weights are secure and will only burst if the decor is moved, hit or interfered with.  Please ensure that if ordering this type of decor that no-one tamper, hit or interfere with these balloons and, under no circumstances should columns be moved.  Please ensure all guests and your venue are aware that the function area should be left clear whilst we set up our balloon decoration to ensure we have a clear working area.    At no time should any guests, party members, hotel or venue staff interfere or touch any of our equipment or helium canisters.   Keeping our working area clear helps avoid any accidents when dealing with heavy helium canisters or, working with invisible thread and we accept no responsibility for any accidents caused by the customer, guests, party members, hotel or venue staff.   The whole function room should be kept closed to guests and party members in particular whilst we work.  Whilst we appreciate hotel or venue staff will require access to re-stock bars etc. we do ask that they do not interfere where possible with our working area and stay clear of this area. 

Please help protect the environment - After your event has finished please ensure that you, the customer, guests, party members, hotel or venue staff do not release any balloons outside and dispose of these in an appropriate manner.   Balloons from balloon decorations and displays are not suitable for outdoor release.   They may have ribbon or other decoration supplies attached to them.  Foil balloons in particular can cause damage to electricity lines if they come into contact with these.  

Additional Information  - Both heat and cold affect the float lifespan of a balloon.  We accept no responsibility for balloons which are affected by either heating or air conditioning within venues, or where doors are left open to let in cold air.  We will always endeavor to place balloons in a position where they will  not be affected but in cases where this is impossible it is your responsibility to check your venue for this to see if your decorations will be affected.   By ordering with us you accept these terms.    Walt's Party Designs accepts no responsibility for any decorations which may burst or deflate due to being moved or interfered with by the customer, guests, party members, hotel or venue staff or anyone entering your party after we have completed set up and left the venue. 

Additional Safety Warning 

Latex Balloons are not considered safe for children under 36 months old. Young children could choke or suffocate on un-inflated or burst balloons. Responsible adult supervision is highly advised at all times for children under 8 years of age. 

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